Our heavy-duty patio awnings offer unsurpassed strength, durability, and ideal solar protection for you to safely enjoy your outdoor space. All of our awnings are engineered for durability and quality and provide a corrision resistant, maintenance free system, that is easy to operate.


The Royal is one of the most innovative products in the awning industry today. Manufactured with Canadian ingenuity and German engineering the Royal is the first system that has been specifically designed for the North American market, and not simply adapted. All Royal systems come with Pitch Adjustable housings. This feature allows you to adjust the awning to follow the sun, as it rises and sets. On exposures facing west, there may be a problem in the early evenings when the sun begins to decend. With a pitch adjustable housing you are able to lower the front of the awning to give maximum coverage during that time with a simple turn of a crank, even at full projection. The Royal has been designed as an in line system; this means that the mounting tube, round table and front profile are in line, making these awnings extremely compact looking.

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Royal Cassette

The Royal Cassette is a retractable semi-cassette shading system, which has been engineered for increased protection and security of the fabric and for years of carefree enjoyment. This semi-cassette completely encloses the fabric when retracted providing increased protection for the fabric and mechanism from the elements, weather, dirt, and moisture all year round. The sleek, stylish semi-cassette features smooth clean lines in its corrosion-resistant, white powder coated, 2 part extruded aluminum cassette frame. The rear mounting bar in this semicassette awning provides the advantage of being able to mount the installation brackets where they are needed, with no limitations. The Royal Cassette is ideal for roof mount applications and other exposed retractable awning applications.


These retractable patio awnings have a center beam stabilizer bar that runs length wise giving a “Hip Roof” shape when extended. This carefully researched Aristocrat trademarked design makes this Marcesa™ model more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. The fabric is kept tighter, and there is less sagging, while also offering a more effective shield from direct low angle sunlight. The increased slope to the front half of the awning ensures more headroom at the back half of it, while enhancing the beauty of the outdoor living room. Available on all models except Imperial Cross / Over.