Putting awnings in motion is our specialty. Patio awnings are typically gear-operated but motorizing awnings are easy and open up an entirely new realm of possibilities.


The gears used in our awnings are designed by Geiger, the leading producer of mechanical drive systems for awnings and solar screens. Geiger proudly places a great emphasis on the highest standard of quality, and can ensure this based on their “100% made by Geiger” guarantee, which means that every component in their gears are produced by them: every nut, bolt and screw is manufactured in-house at Geiger. The patented round eye combined with the spherical hook makes awning simple and smooth to operate, does not cause abrasion, and can be used at any angle – not just directly below. The advantage of the bevel gear design is that the entire circumference of the gear is used to turn the awning, rather than a single shaft which is used on cheaper gears. All Bevel gears have an internal end stop so the awning can not be rolled in backwards.

About Geiger Gears

  • In business since 1952
  • State-of-the-art 21,000 square foot production facility
  • Highest standards of quality – 100% made by Geiger
  • All products undergo tests well beyond standard requirements
  • 50 million drive systems manufactured to date
  • R & D team is working today on the sun protection products of tomorrow​

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