Advance Tent & Awning provides a wide range of specialized services. From commercial awnings to custom boat covers, we can provide you with a product that satisfies your needs.

Commercial Awnings

Looking for a cost-effective way to provide shelter, increase street appeal or create a stunning new identity? Commercial awnings add a whole new look.

The difference is night and day… Back-lit illuminated awnings blend the softness and flexibility of an awning wth the high visibility of a sign They provide round-the-clock identification to shopping centers, theaters, restarants – anywhere you want to capture public attention.

Illuminated awnings can create your identity, image and a sense of festivity in a variety ofsettings. By utilizing translucent fabrics and specially designed framework systems, these awnings reflect the best craftmanship. They combine functional excellence with decorative appeal. Back-lit awnings can compliment or dramatize the architecture of any building and they can graphically embellish any message or logo. The possibilities are endless.

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